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Passage One

How can we get rid of garbage? Do we have enough energy sources to meet our future energy needs?These are two important questions that many people are asking today. Some people think that man might be able to solve both problems at the same time. They suggest using garbage as an energy source, and at the same time it can save the land to hold garbage. For a long time, people buried garbage or dumped it on empty land. Now, empty land is scarce. But more and more garbage is produced each year. However, garbage can be a good fuel to use. The things in garbage do not look like coal, petroleum, or natural gas; but they are chemically similar to these fossil fuels. As we use up our fossil-fuel supplies, we might be able to use garbage as an energy source. Burning garbage is not a new idea. Some cities in Europe and the United States have been burning garbage for years. The heat that is produced by burning garbage is used to boil water. The steam that is produced is used to make electricity or to heat nearby buildings. In Paris, France, some power plants burn almost 2 million metric tons of the cities garbage each year. The amount of energy produced is about the same as would be produced by burning almost a half million barrels of oil.Our fossil fuel supplies are limited. Burning garbage might be one kind of energy source that we can use to help meet our energy needs. This method could also reduce the amount if garbage piling up on the earth.

(1).What two problems can man solve by burning garbage? 

A. The shortage of energy and air pollution. 

B. The shortage of energy and the land to hold garbage. 

C. Air pollution and the shortage of fossil fuel. 

D. Air pollution and the shortage of land to hold garbage.



(2).According to the passage, using garbage is ______. 

A. for heating in France each year 

B. a new way in a modern society 

C. a good way to solve the problem of energy shortage 

D. too expensive as an energy source



(3).What is the author's attitude? 

A. Delighted. 

B. Sad. 

C. Agreeing. 

D. Disagreeing.



(4).The best title for the passage may be ______. 

A. Garbage and the Earth 

B. Fossil Fuel and Garbage 

C. Land and Garbage 

D. Garbage? Energy Source



Passage two

The thought of not sleeping for twenty-four hours or more is not a pleasant one for most people. The amount of sleep that each person needs varies. In general, each of us needs about eight hours of sleep each day to keep our bodies healthy and happy. Some people, however, can get by just a few hours of sleep at night.It doesn't matter when or how much a person sleeps. But everyone needs some rest to stay alive. Few doctors would have thought that there might be an exception on this. Sleep is, after all, a very basic need. But a man named A1 Herpin turned out to be a real exception, for supposedly, he never slept!A1 Herpin was 90 years old when doctors came to his home in New Jersey. They hoped to negate the claims that he never slept. But they were surprised. Though they watched him every hour of the day, they never saw Herpin sleeping. He did not even own a bed. He never needed one.The closest that Herpin came to resting was to sit in a rocking chair and read a half dozen newspapers. His doctors were baffled by this strange case of permanent insomnia. Herpin offered the only clue to his condition. He remembered some talk about his mother having been injured several days before he had been born. Herpin died at the age of 94, never having slept a wink.

(1).This passage centers on ______. 

A. dream interpretation 

B. patterns of sleep 

C. A1 Herpin's sleepless life 

D. sleeps and dreams


解析:这篇短文讲了人是要睡觉的,以保证身体健康、情绪快乐,但就是有人一生不曾睡觉,这就是Al Herpin。选项C是正确的。 

(2).The expression "get by", in the last sentence of the first paragraph is ______. 

A. a confusing expression 

B. a rude expression 

C. an everyday expression 

D. an improper expression


解析:第一段最后。有些人每晚只睡几个小时也过得去。这是一种日常的表达法。选项C是正确的。Get by过得去、勉强生存,confusing困惑的,rude粗俗的,improper不适当的。 

(3).A1 Herpin's condition could be regarded as ______. A. normal B. curable C. healthful D. rare(分数:3.00)


解析:第二段。睡眠对人类来说是最基本的需求,以保证人的休息和生存。Al Herpin是一个例外,极为少见。选项D是正确的。Normal正常的,curable可医治的,healthful健康的,rare罕见的。 

(4).The most likely reason on Herpion's insomnia was ______. 

A. his mother's injury before he was born 

B. that he never got tired 

C. his magnificent physical condition 

D. that he got enough rest rocking(分数:3.00)  


解析:最后一段。医生对Al Herpin的终生不睡的情形感到很困惑,而他提供的唯一的线索是在他出生前的几天,他的母亲受过伤。选项A是正确的。

Passage three

Americans are well known for the strange diets they always seem to be following. It seems that Americans like to diet almost as much as they like to eat. New types of diet plans are always coming out. Usually, though, they don't stay popular for long.There are many diets on the market. It is often difficult to know which ones really work. It's also hard to believe how fast a dieter is supposed to shed pounds. A lot has been written about dieting. And some interesting facts about diets and foods have been discovered.For example, did you know that the more celery you eat, the more weight you will lose.9 Celery has "negative" calories. The body burns up more calories digesting a piece of celery than there are in the celery stick itself.Dieters shun potatoes because they think they are fattening. But they aren't. A potato has about the same number of calories as an apple. To gain a single pound, you would have to eat eleven pounds of potatoes!Some dieters even worry about getting fat from licking postage stamps. But they have nothing to worry about. The glue on an average stamp has only about one-tenth of a calorie. Maybe a diet of postage stamps would be popular?

(1).This passage is all about ______. 

A. vegetables 

B. fads 

C. Americans 

D. dieting



(2).Celery is a good food for the dieter because ______. 

A. it has a lot of protein 

B. vegetables are not fattening 

C. it has "negative" calories 

D. it is easy to digest



(3).The shun is to ______. A. love B. hate C. avoid D. fear



(4).One could conclude from this passage that ______. 

A. dieting is not a healthy practice 

B. everyone diets 

C. there is only one good way to lose weight 

D. dieting can be confusing